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All of our dogs are AKC Registered
We have been inspected and approved by  AKC
We have a kennel Lic with our local Animal Control and are inspected and approved
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Our dogs are a part of our family and before they are breeder's they are family to us.  Every penny the puppies bring in goes back on maintaining our dogs, ie, health care, food (Royal Canine) , dog beds , toys, puppy milk, dog treats, etc.

Our goal is to produce healthy puppies without line breeding... this leaves us in the position of spending the money on bringing up new bloodlines which cost us much more then we charge for our babies.  We are trying to produce smaller merles with nice conformation and defect free.. Nice personality is also our goal.   We are breeding  pets , not show dogs that you can get 10 to 15 years of love and joy out of.   We are trying to stay within AKC standards of the Chihuahuas.

Our prices are resonable because we charge what it takes to maintain what we are doing.  We are not in this to make tons of money, only to cover the expense of taking care of the dogs, and puppies and to cover all the expenses including food, medications, electricity, time to clean, wear and tear on our washer and dryer etc.  Once it is all broken down and taxes were paid it became a hobby only because there is really no profit in doing this but so much joy to ones heart.

Nobody thinks about this but a c-section is $1,000 to $2,400.  One year all the girls we bred had to have one.  If mamma has complications this cost too whether it is an infection in the uterus or the stiches come open after a c-section and your mamma's intestines are in your hands.  This cost alot to save my mamma .
If you are doing it right you don't make enough to stick in your eye.   Those that are making all the money are the ones that are doing it on the cheap and not getting done the things that need to be done.
This photo was taken in North Pole , Alaska
Flea Flea, Bear Bear (deceased), Sammie
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This page was last updated: 10/7/2019
Margie and her baby bro Walter/ Money. We no longer breed Margie.  She is getting to be a old girl.  She is not spayed but is 9 now.
Riley and Sammie.
907-373-7845 Call between 10 am to 10 pm Alaska time; or 2 pm to 2 am eastern time which is the same as Alaska time.

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