Free Range Chihuahuas
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Buyer and seller agrees to the following:
Seller represents that the puppy has no known disease or illness, and has no known medical conditions, nor any hereditary or congenital conditions that would adversely affect the health of the puppy at the time of sale or that is likely to adversely affect the health of the puppy in the future. 
Seller is not responsible to buyer for payment  of Veterinarian fees for examinations, vaccinations, x-rays, or any other medical treatments for the puppy in the future.
Seller is not responsible for shipping  of the  puppy.  Deposits are non-refundable unless your puppy can not be delivered to you.  Then you will have the choice to choose another puppy of equal value or have your deposit returned to you.  If you use pay pal, the transfer fees will not be returned (3%).
A limited health guarantee will go with the sale of your puppy.  When your new puppy comes home you have 72 hours to take your Chihuahua to a DVM for  a health exam , x-rays, and blood work up.  Your puppy may have loose stools from traveling, stress, or change in diet, but I would  recommend a stool sample to be taken to your  vet.  If any health  problem's are detected (hereditary or crippling disease caused by us)   during the first exam we will , with a statement from your vet take your puppy back but only if you return the pup and the AKC papers .  The Vet statement will need to be sent to our veterinarians office.  If you elect to keep your puppy you will be on your own.  Shipping and all vet bills are the responsibility of the buyers.  We will only refund the price of the puppy.
Size, color, temperament , height, can not be guaranteed.  Once your puppy goes home I have no control on what you do with him/her or how you feed or treat the animal.
Things not covered:   
is also known as Molera; it is like what a newborn baby has on the top of the head (soft spot).  This is common in small breeds , especially Chihuahua's.
small breeds tend to develop a small cough due to the collapse of tracheal rings.. Also known as reverse sneezing.
If your Chihuahua seems to be growing and you are unhappy about the size of your puppy , take the puppy to a vet.   Your dog may be obese.  Your puppy should not have to much flesh or lots of something to grab at the neck area.  We absolutely do not cover this! 
We sell pet pups only so your puppy should be neutered no later then 6 months.  If on the rare occasion we allow a puppy go for breeding purposes then we expect you to take your puppy to your DVM in the first three days.  Your vet should see if they are there.  If you don't come back with a vet statement in he first three days then, forget it.
If your dog can live a functional life and it does not change the quality of life, it is not covered.  If it alters your dogs lifestyle then again, vet statements are needed  and we will take the dog back or choose to have the vet put the puppy to sleep if the murmur is severe enough .  If the pup is returned to us we required the return of the AKC papers.  Buyer is responsible for shipping and vet exams.  We will only refund the cost of the puppy if the above is met.
Called loose kneecaps.  When it occurs the kneecap (rear legs)  slips out of its groove.  This problem can  be common in  small breeds, and in mild cases  a dog can live a normal life.  Sometimes this can be a serious problem and surgery is needed.   Again, we reserve the right to be responsible for this if the dog is in the owners care.  We will take each case , by case.  If this happens vet statements are necessary and if we decide to take the puppy back we will need the AKC papers and will only refund the cost of the puppy's purchase price.
Hypogycemia can be avoided.  Make sure you puppy never goes for any length of time without food and water.  Always leave a little food and water down for your puppy.  Hypoglycemia can be avoided and we will not be responsible.  We always keep NUTRACAL on hand.  If you can't get that then HONEY WILL DO THE TRICK.    You  can get NUTRA CAL at your local pet store.  It is approx.  $10.00 for a tube.
Allergies can develop at anytime in ones life.  Allergies can change and new ones develop and old ones leave , etc.. We can not be responsible for a lifetime of this.  Environment , foods, etc all play a part in the changing of allergies and we have no control over this.  We can not cover this.
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Thank you for your purchase and may you and your puppy have a nice long life.