Free Range Chihuahua's
​Welcome to Free Range Chihuahua's, formally known as Cindyrillis Chihuahua's.  We changed our name due to our Chihuahua's having full range of our home so Steve says " Free Range Chihuahua's it is!

We are small hobby breeder's and only breed AKC Reg Chihuahua's.  We have 14 Chihuahua's currently but it only feels like 2 big dogs till they bark; lol.  First and foremost our dogs are our pets and we don't take lightly placing older ones in a new home.. I have several I would love to make someones loving pet but nobody measures up in my eyes.  SORRY..   I know who I am looking for to give one of our retired dogs a home and when I find that person they can have 2  if they want.  If you think you might be interested in a retired Chihuahua that has lots of love and life to give then give me a call.  You never know.. If I tell you  no then please do no take it personally.  We find it hard to let go of the older dogs because we spend so much time with them and form attachments.  Our retired dogs are between 5 and 7 years old.  They deserve to be a lap warmer so we always look for the "right person" to adopt an older male or female.  

If you are looking for a puppy then let us know .  We may not have your baby  but if you are willing to wait for sometime then we will eventually  have him or her.  We know that  a request for a certain color, size, long or smooth coat, etc .  can take some time to get.. If I can't produce the puppy of your dreams then I can check with some reputable breeders to see if they can help.

If you find your puppy on our site we require a $100.00 nonrefundable deposit to stop the sale of your pup and to hold him/her for you.  You won't pay the balance until you pick up your puppy and are happy with him/her.   If your puppy becomes ill or dies and we cannot  transfer our puppy to you  we will offer you another puppy of equal value or your $100.00 back.  The choice would  be yours.  If you change your mind though then you forfeit your deposit.  So please be sure that the puppy you pick is the one you want.   We don't budge on his because we have to take more time to advertise, which cost more, takes more time ,etc.  Usually we turn down other prospective buyers and when we go back to them because you changed your mind they have usually found a puppy from someone else and that puts us out.  For this reason we feel it fair to keep the deposit.  So please be sure you want a puppy.

Some of our beautiful babies