Free RangeChihuahuas  
Thunder, Son of Cloudy and Rufus 
Thunder as a little guy.. I love this photo of him.
JJ (Jerome) , son of Pika and Rufus.
3 rd pic is  JJ just after he came home from California
This is Riley.  He came from Rising Sun Kennels
These flowers are "Alaskan Forget me not "flowers that I grew in my yard.. This is a pic of my own flowers.
2nd pic............happy, happy, happy
Riley kicking back on 9-5-12
This is Pointy .  He was born at Rising Sun Kennels on Jan 6, 2013
My dear Thunder passed away on Sat. Nov. 29, 2014.  I miss him so much and would give almost anything to have another 10.5 years with him.. He was my boy..