FreeRange Dams
Cloudy, retired & mom to some
Sunny, daughter to cloudy and Riley.  She is cutier in person
Beauty,  daughter to Cloudy and Money (Walter).  She is adorable 
Copper, daughter to Cloudy and Money (Walter).  She is such a cutie who looks just like Pika.   She and Beauty  are littermates
Kisses is from Hollywood Chihuahuas in Washington.  She is a great mamma .  She weighs 5 lbs
Sammie Sue , littermate to Money (Walter) is the daughter to Pika and Petie.  She weighs 4 lbs.
Boo Boo is from Jami's Chihuahuas in California.  She is a beautiful brindle and weighs 6 lbs.
Stormy, daughter of Sammie and Thunder.  She is a ham and a clone of her pappa.
Dottie, she is the daughter to Copper and Riley.  Born on April 8, 2015.  She will replace mamma when she retires.
Wolfie, she is the daughter of Stormy and Jerome. 
Born on April 28, 2015, They  have the most beautiful puppies.  We are repeating this breeding.  Puppies should be here late Jan. 2016.  
Pic of Dottie and Wolfie in late Nov. 2015.  Date on pic is incorrect.   
AHH, these two love eachother.
Theresa, daughter of Tiffany and Pointy.  She looks just like her dad.  Born March 20, 2013
Echo, sister and littermate to Theresa.   Born on March 20th, 2013.
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